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[row] [column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] Sean Andrew Marlow
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Applicant Information

Applicant Name Sean Andrew Marlow
Date Of Application 07/20/2017
Address 7008 Brook Bend Way
Phone Number (502) 969-7495

Employment Position

Position Sales Associate
What Day’s Are You Available To Work? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
What Hours or Shifts Are You Available To Work? I Can Work Any Shift
If Needed, Are you available to work overtime? Yes
If Hired, When Can You Start Working? Immediately
Do You Have Reliable Transportation To And From Work? Yes

Personal Information

Have You Ever Applied to or worked for Premium eJuice USA or Vapor Lab Yes
Do You Have Any Friends, Relatives, or Acquaintances working for Premium eJuice USA or Vapor Lab Yes
Are You 18 Years of Age or Order Yes
Are You A U.S. Citizen or Approved To Work in the Unted States? Yes
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony? No
If Selected For Employment Are You Willing To Submit to a Pre-Employment Drug Screening And/Or Background Check? Yes

Additional Information

How Long Have You Been Vaping? Over 5 Years
Have You EVER worked in a Vapor Store No

System Data

Job ID J100